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Dental Crowns and CEREC Crowns

Porcelain Crowns Made in One Appointment

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Dr. Wiebe, with her advanced CEREC technology, can make your Porcelain crown in one appointment- No Temporary!  

Why would you need a crown?

Crowns are fabricated because filling can no longer keep a broken or cracked tooth healthy. Broken teeth may take away your ability to smile, eat and speak with confidence and comfort. With the help of Santa Rosa Beach Dentist Dr. Amber Wiebe you can have your tooth strong, attractive and functional again.

Dental Crowns Restore Broken Teeth
A dental crown is a custom-made restoration that completely covers or “caps” the tooth. It is used to transform a damaged or decayed tooth to health and strength; a crown can also be used for cosmetic purposes, returning a tooth to a natural shape and color.
Dr.Wiebe is an LVI trained Cosmetic Dentist
Dr Wiebe can use multiple crowns create amazing smile makeovers, therefore changing the color, shape and alignment of your teeth. Her advanced training at Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry provides her world class design and preparation skills. She has contacts with some of the best Dental Fabricators in the United Stated to really give you a “Hollywood Smile”
Our practice also offers the convenience of same day crowns with CEREC. No more impressions or having to come back for placement. CEREC are precision milled crowns made and placed the same day!

Restore your smile and you’ll restore your confidence. Call Santa Rosa Beach Dental today to see if crowns will work for you. (850) 267-0777

The staff at Santa Rosa Beach Dental are awesome. By far the best dentist I have ever been to. My wife is even going to switch. So put your mind at ease if you are looking to see Dr. Wiebe. – Glenn L

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