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Accessibility Statement

Please find a few resources below to help make your experience on our site more accessible:

These tips were provided by the US Social Security Administration

  • If you are looking for mouse and keyboard alternatives
    • Speech recognition software such as Dragon allows a user to navigate around a website through voice commands.
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing
    • Volume Controls – Every device such as a computer, tablet, or mobile device has the ability to adjust the volume. Additionally, videos and audio presentations have their own individual volume controls within their media players. Adjusting both your device’s volume and your media player’s volume can make the listening experience more enjoyable.

If the recommendations above do not meet your needs, please contact us for assistance.

The Santa Rosa Beach Dental office is attractive and comfortable, but what I really appreciate is the friendliness of the entire staff and the professionalism and thoroughness of Dr. Weibe. She treats my whole family, and we are truly thankful for her ability to balance preventative care and needed treatment… Read More…

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